Photo Session in Hong Kong

Thank you for your kind interests on “Life with Kids Photography by Tomoko”

I film with natural light and minimum equipment to also create comfortable atmosphere for children who may be distracted easily by changing everyday routine.  Because my speciality is to film people as a documentary and journalistic way, my price is changed by the number of people.   Originally I only set one price for “up to four people plan”,  but I created two people plan because I wanted to encourage “Mom” to take a photo with a child because usually mother is the one who is taking a lot of photos, and ended up there are no nice “Mom and a child” photos!!  I hope you can find a accessible and useful for this break down package!   Another thing, more people takes more time and energy for filming and editing too…

Please feel free to give me your thought. I would like to discuss how you want to be filmed and what you are expecting as final images so on.  Within a session hour, we can change locations, and your outfit, but not necessary. You can be casual and formal and whatever you like. I am very open.

About traveling fee.  If the filming location is not center of Hong Kong, traveling fee (transportation and my traveling time) may apply.

About booking.  Please let me know your mobile number, address, and mail address.  Without these infomation, I will not reserve a date for you.

About payment.  You do not need a deposit. Please pay me full amount after the session with check or cash.  Or you can deposit it to my bank or send me a check later, but please note that I will not start to process your photo until I receive the payment.

About cancellation.  I understand that kids get fever and get hurt easily.  So if you give me a notice by two days before the filming, I will not charge you anything.  However the day before or the day of filming, I have to ask you for cancellation fee as 200HKD.  If we lost contact with you after your booking is completed (unfortunately it was happened once…) , or if you did not show up (luckily, never happened … ! :) , I will ask you to pay me full amount of your session.  I would really appreciate your kind understanding if you could let me know sooner when you find out if the session does not work for you, since I open the date for you, and prepare all for the shoot, and arrange my baby sitter too!

For more details, we can discuss directly!   Thank you!



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