Mother and Baby Session!

Mother and Baby Session!

This time, I am happily introducing the beautiful mom and her baby boy, one year old, who live in Hong Kong.  I really had a great time of filming them, because she was really enjoying playing with her son, but not for me to film.  I am really happy how the images turned out, and  I could leave these beautiful images for a part of their lives!

I often have requests of the session for “mother and baby” because a lot of time, mother is the one who takes photos of her family and baby (babies), but there are not many photos that the mother in it.  So some mothers asked me to take lovely photos with their babies.  Because the babies grow so fast (approximately 10kg bigger than newborn!), so it would be really precious to leave the memory as photography, while the still babies are small. When the babies became older, they must be happy to see nice images of their beloved mothers!




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